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Nathan Porter

Industrial Design and Sales

Porter holds a B.S. in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering from Georgia Tech College of Engineering, a Masters of Energy, Environmental, and Chemical Engineering (MEng) from Washington University School of Engineering and an MBA from the Washington University Olin School of Business.  Porter has more than twelve years of experience in process engineering and industrial sales in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and oil and gas industries.  He served as Market Manager for the Chemtech Division of Sulzer, a Swiss engineering company with global operations, where he oversaw US sales for chemical separation technologies, process systems, and polymer reactors.  Previously, he served as Director of Business Development for EPIC Systems Inc., responsible for process systems sales in the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.  Prior to joining EPIC, he served as a global sales engineer for Dupont’s Technology Licensing Group.  In this position, he was responsible for actively managing the oversight for all human health risks, environmental risks, and risk management systems throughout the product life-cycle, while serving as the DuPont Product Steward for the newly licensed technology. He began his career at Dupont as a process engineer, moving up to research engineer with the companies New Technology Development Group where he helped advance, develop, and optimize several new technologies for commercial licensing.

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