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Value Proposition

Our services will save you valuable time and money.

We will mitigate your risks and improve your overall project quality and experience.

Enlisting our services is a wise investment.

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Project Development

The importance of having a rock solid business case when developing new projects, processes, and technologies cannot be overlooked.

The best engineers and business leaders know that addressing a sizable market, having a strong competitive advantage, and targeting impressive returns are paramount to winning in the marketplace. Ultimately, it is the market that will decide whether or not a development project will be allowed to live or die.

CBD Process Systems creates business cases via techno-economic analyses for clients looking to undertake investment projects. After all, no professional wants to be part of a project that will not be successful.

Contact CBD Process Systems to improve your techno-economic analysis and business case before the start of your next technical development project.

Project Management

There is significant value that can be added in the upfront strategic planning efforts that will set the course for success. Continuous participation in the execution of the project will insure that all strategic objectives are met. This is where we can have the most impact on the success of the project. We are heavy hitters in this industry and will bring you everything we know in order to deliver a superior project. Our participation will allow you to concentrate on other important activities with the confidence of knowing that your project is being managed the way you want it to be.


Engineering and Design Management

There is significant value that can be added during the engineering and design phase. Incomplete or missing decisions made during this phase will propagate throughout the project life cycle as well into the quality of the final product. We bring significant technical experience and input into helping the project team create a complete and well thought out basis of design. We are technical leaders with knowledge and experience in all aspects of the engineering and design of process related projects.

Equipment Procurement

The strategy and process used to procure equipment and components is critical and can have huge impacts to cost and schedule. Self-procurement of major equipment and components can save the 15% to 20% markup that is generally applied by contractors. By using our services to manage the procurement process, we can use our experience and documentation to follow best practices for procurement which will result in much lower costs, lower risk, and tighter controls.

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